Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of tuning with projectLAMBDA?

  • Improve the performance and fuel economy of your engine.
  • Some engine modifications require tuning to unlock their true potential.
  • Save money and time by using your OEM ECU. No need to modify your wiring for an aftermarket ECU. No need to troubleshoot wiring and engine sensor configuration.
  • Live Tuning allows you apply tuning changes without shutting off the engine. A must for steady-state dyno tuning.
  • Custom ECU functions added by us:
    • 2-step rev limiter
    • MY99 — MY02 NA engines
      Handle boost, disable CELs
    • MY99 — MY02 Turbo engines
      • Speed Density fueling mode with optional hybrid SD/MAF blending
      • Wideband O2 sensor 0 - 5V input
      • Interpolation for boost target and wastegate duty cycle maps for smoother boost control
    • Coming soon: Flex fuel / map-switching
  • We have developed our own reflash method that is safer to use than the factory method and prevents bricking your ECU.

What do I need to tune my car?

You will need:

  1. A projectLAMBDA Bluetooth Tuneropen in new window device
  2. Our projectLAMBDA Tuner Software, which is a free download
  3. 1 ECU Tuning Licenseopen in new window per car


    Before purchasing anything, please check that our software works with your vehicle: Vehicle Support Listopen in new window

What maps does the tuning software allow me to change?

The best way to see what settings can be changed is to download the software and try it out. You can view stock tunes in the software by selecting File → New then choosing your vehicle.
Downloads Page

Are there any risks if I tune my car?

For naturally-aspirated engines that are non-modified or lightly modified, it is very difficult to cause any damage. It will be easy to notice if the engine is not running properly before any damage is done. For forced-induction engines, it is recommended that either you already have tuning experience or you enlist the help of an experienced tuner for the best results.

Will I lose my tune if I disconnect the battery?

No, only changes made using our Live Tuning feature will be reset when the battery is disconnected. When that happens, the ECU will revert to the tune stored in its flash memory.


How do licenses work?

A projectLAMBDA license is required to modify your ECU's firmware. Unused licenses are stored on your tuning device. The first time you write a tune to your ECU it will transfer a license onto the ECU. From this point on, the ECU is licensed and will work with our software's tuning functions.

Is there a limit to how many ECU licenses I can have?

No. Multiple ECU licenses can be stored on the BlueSSM device.

I have used up all my ECU licenses. Can I purchase more?

Yes, you can purchase additional ECU licenses HEREopen in new window.

Is the license locked to my tuning device?

Not unless you want it to be locked. By default, our software does not lock access to the ECU.

If you want to protect your tune from being copied, there is an option to lock ECU read-access to a specific serial number.

Write-access cannot be locked, meaning tunes can be overwritten to gain back read-access. This prevents situations where the ECU cannot be used due to an unresponsive tuner locking the ECU or where the original tuning device has been lost.

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