New Launch Mode, Pops and Bangs in Version 1.4.1

Version 1.4.1 of projectLAMBDA Tuner adds settings for Launch Mode and Pops and Bangs. These much requested features can easily added to any tuned ECU supported by projectLAMBDA.

DISCLAIMER: These features have the potential to cause engine damage, increase wear on engine components, and make your neighbours hate you. Use them responsibly.

Launch Mode

Launch Mode uses a simple 2-step rev limiter instead of the regular rev limiter when vehicle speed (wheel speed) is below a configured threshold. Turbo ECUs also have the ability to retard spark timing to build boost and shoot flames while on the limiter.

  • Launch Mode – Enable: Set to 1 to enable Launch Mode function in the ECU.
  • Launch Mode – Maximum Vehicle Speed: Launch Mode rev limiter is used instead of the regular limiter when vehicle speed is below this threshold.
  • Launch Mode – Rev Limiter: Works the same as the regular rev limiter but used only when Launch Mode is enabled.
  • Rev Limiter – Spark Retard (Turbo ECUs only): Retards spark timing when either the Launch Mode or regular rev limiter is activated.

Pops and Bangs

To get some noise during deceleration, you will need to edit some Deceleration Fuel Cut and Spark Timing maps. Normally during decel, fuel is turned off so no combustion occurs. You will need to increase the delay time before fuel is cut off. Threshold settings can be used to limit when this occurs to above a specific RPM and vehicle speed. The car needs to be in gear and moving for this to work.

NOTE: Some ECUs may have more settings than the ones listed here.

  • Deceleration Fuel Cut – Enable Delay: Increase this to get fuel to stay on during decel.
  • Closed Throttle Spark: This is the spark advance used when throttle is closed. Reducing spark timing at higher RPM will cause more of the combustion to occur in the exhaust rather than in the cylinder, creating more noise and possibly flames.
  • Fuel – Load Compensation: Reducing or increasing fuel at low load regions where deceleration occurs can change the sound of the pops. This can be tuned along with spark timing to get the sound you want. The exact settings will depend on your mods and engine condition. Too much or too little won’t combust and will have little effect.
  • Spark – Minimum: Some ECUs limit the minimum spark timing. If you need more spark retard, then check this map.
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