Welcome to projectLAMBDA Tuning!

We are a professional tuning company based out of Vancouver, Canada. Our own personal interest in and experience with tuning cars has led us to establish projectLAMBDA Tuning. We specialise in tuning products and software for Subaru vehicles, but we are always working on expanding our products to meet a variety of needs. All our products are designed and assembled in Canada for the best quality.

What sets us apart from other companies is that our main product, the projectLAMBDA Tuner, is the only one available on the market for the Subaru EJ251 engine. This innovative technology greatly simplifies the tuning process for the individual through the use of Bluetooth technology and Live Tuning features. It was developed based on our personal tuning experiences.

Thank you for visiting projectLAMBDA! Follow along with our blog for the latest updates and products.

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