Base Map Tuning Service

We have partnered with Drivehard Performance to bring you a pre-tune checkup and Base Map tuning service. This service
is suitable for unmodified engines (catback exhaust upgrade also ok). To book an appointment or inquire further, contact
Drivehard Performance @ 604-270-2494 or their Facebook
. Pro tuning is also available if these maps do not fit your needs.


  • Maps available for 91 and 94 octane
  • These tunes optimize your stock ECU to deliver better performance
    • Fuel maps tuned for better fuel economy without sacrificing performance
    • Spark timing optimized for Canadian pump gas (very important for JDMs)
    • Revised boost control for higher boost and quicker turbo spool
    • Variable valve timing optimized (If equipped)
    • Throttle mapping revised for linear and controllable power delivery (if equipped)
    • Speed limiter deleted
    • Radiator fans turn on earlier to keep engine cooler (except STI models)
  • Test drive with data logging to verify engine is running properly with tune

Drivehard will also perform a pre-tune checkup consisting of:

  • Fluid check
  • Visual inspection
  • Intake smoke test to check for leaks


Model Market Chassis Code Revision Transmission Engine OEM
Hp/Tq *1
Base Map
Hp/Tq *2
Impreza WRX JDM GF8 F, G 5MT, 4AT EJ205 237/228 250/260 $480
GDA A, B 5MT, 4AT EJ205 246/246 260/275 $480
USDM GDA A, B, C, D, E 5MT, 4AT EJ205 227/217 250/260 $480
GDA F, G 5MT, 4AT EJ255 224/226 285/330 $530
GE, GH All 5MT, 4AT EJ255 265/244 300/360 $530

Impreza WRX, WRX STI JDM GC8, GF8 F, G 5MT EJ207 276/260 320/310 $530
Impreza WRX STI JDM GDB A, B 6MT EJ207 276/274 330/330 $530
C, D, E 6MT EJ207 276/290 330/345 $530
F, G 6MT EJ207 276/311 330/345 $530
USDM GDB All 6MT EJ257 300/300 330/360 $530
USDM GR All 6MT EJ257 305/290 330/380 $530

Legacy GT JDM BE5, BH5 All 5MT EJ208 276/253 285/265 $480
4AT EJ206 256/235 285/265 $480
JDM BP, BL All 5MT EJ20Y 276/253 285/310 $530
4AT EJ20X 256/253 267/310 $530
USDM BP, BL All 5MT, 6MT, 4AT EJ255 250/240 300/330 $530

JDM SF5 B, C, D 5MT, 4AT, 5AT EJ205 237/228 250/260 $480
Cross Sports, XT
JDM SG5 A, B, C 5MT EJ205 217/228 250/260 $480
4AT EJ205 217/228 N/A N/A
Forester STI JDM SG9 D, E, F 6MT EJ255 261/290 310/325 $530
Forester XT USDM SG All 5MT, 4AT EJ255 210/235 285/330 $530
Forester XT USDM SG All 5MT, 4AT EJ255 230/235 285/330 $530
Forester XT USDM SH All 5MT, 4AT EJ255 224/226 285/330 $530


  1. These are the OEM specified power and torque numbers. Please note that rating standards have changed multiple
    times throughout the years.
  2. Base map performance is measured on 94 octane. 91 octane will deliver approximately 5% less power. Performance
    numbers will vary per vehicle depending on manufacturing tolerance, vehicle condition, and weather conditions.