What do I need to tune my car?

You will need:

Is there a limit to how many ECU licenses I can have?
ECU licenses are stored on the BlueSSM device. The BlueSSM device can hold over 10,000 licenses.

I have used up all my ECU licenses. Can I purchase more?
Yes, you can purchase additional ECU licenses HERE.

What maps does the tuning software allow me to change?
You can download and install the free software HERE to see all available features.

What are the benefits of tuning with projectLAMBDA?
You can improve the performance and fuel economy of your vehicle by properly optimizing the mapping of your ECU. Some engine modifications require tuning in order to achieve the intended performance gains. With projectLAMBDA, the live-editing feature allows you to see the result of your tuning changes instantly while your engine is still running. It saves time, as well as wear-and-tear, on your ECU’s flash memory by not having to do a full reflash for every edit. We have developed our own reflash method that is safer to use than the factory method and prevents the bricking of your ECU (i.e. rendering the ECU inoperable).

Are there any risks if I tune my car?
For naturally-aspirated engines that are non-modified or lightly modified, it is very difficult to incur any damage. It will be easy to notice if the engine is not running properly before any damage is done. For forced-induction engines, it is recommended that either you already have tuning experience or you enlist the help of an experienced tuner for the best results.