BlueSSM Information



Features Summary

• Supports SSM1 Protocol (1989 – 1998)

• Supports SSM2 Protocol (1999+)

• Wireless Bluetooth Connection

• Reflash capability with flash license using projectLAMBDA Tuner

• Compatible with SSM datalogging software through serial port


For vehicles with a 16-pin OBD2 diagnostic port, simply plug in the device to complete vehicle installation.


Plugged in to OBD2

For vehicles with the older 9-pin SSM1 diagnostic port, an adapter cable is required.

SSM1 to OBD2 Adapter

SSM1 to OBD2 Adapter

OBD2 Female Plug

SSM1 Male Plug

SSM1 Male Plug

SSM1 Adapter Pinout
2 13
3 12
5 16
9 4, 5

When the BlueSSM is plugged in, it will power on (for vehicles with SSM1 port, ignition switch will need to be turned to ‘ON’ position).  The blue LED will flash, indicating that the device is now discoverable by other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as your laptop or smartphone. It will remain discoverable for 60 seconds.

After pairing, BlueSSM is ready for use. If you are using BlueSSM with projectLAMBDA Tuner, then no further setup is required.



BlueSSM supports reflashing your ECU through projectLAMBDA Tuner.  The Flash License must be purchased to enable reflash capability on your BlueSSM. See the projectLAMBDA Tuner Information page for more details. It is not compatible with other Subaru reflashing software.


Windows Settings

If you are using Windows OS and SSM software other than projectLAMBDA Tuner, you will need to know the serial port number of the BlueSSM device. Two serial ports will be created during the Bluetooth pairing process. The correct port to use is the ‘Outgoing’ port as shown in the Windows Bluetooth Settings dialog. The other port is not used and can be removed. Make a note of the COM number of the ‘Outgoing’ port and select this when configuring the SSM software you are using.


Vehicle Compatibility

SSM1 mode can be used on any 1989 – 1998 Subaru.

SSM2 mode can be used on any 1999+ Subaru that supports K-line OBD communications.  This includes most Subarus from 1999 – 2015, except the BRZ and the 2015+ WRX.  If your Subaru’s OBD2 port has a contact in position 7, then it is most likely compatible.


LED Status

On – Active Connection

Off – Standby Mode

Blinking – Discoverable Mode